Employee Benefits

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Reduce Costs and Streamline your Employee Benefits

J. Smith Lanier & Co. offers a full range of employee benefits and human resource services to meet your business’ customized needs. We understand the challenges of finding the right plan for your business and provide advisors who will work with you to identify your specific needs. We’ll also work to decrease your HR and benefits costs, while increasing employee satisfaction. The Benefits Advisory Group has developed a comprehensive system for the servicing of benefit plans to our clients. From providing optimum pricing to underwriting flexibility, we deliver the support and services needed to meet your goals.

Our 8-Step Process


Discovery: In this step of the process, we begin to understand your goals and objectives. We review all current plan documents, claims experience and reports, financial contracts with insurance companies and third party administrators, and current services.

Data Gathering: This step allows us to gather the necessary information about such items as benefit coverage, communication materials, and renewal data, billing, enrollment processes and census data.

Proposal Development: In this stage, we consolidate the data and create the specifications that JSL will send to various insurance providers. Once the information is sent, we monitor, negotiate, and clarify provisions with the underwriters using JSL Benefit Analysts.

Marketplace Responses: The responses from the Proposal Development phase are summarized and confirmed with the carriers. Reports and spreadsheets are prepared with any contingent information needed as a part of the offers. These reports are then presented to you.

Evaluation & Selection: At this stage, JSL would meet with you to review and evaluate the responses from the carriers. We will have recommendations based on your objectives and we will present the pros and cons of each proposal. In this stage, we (you and JSL) will determine the finalists of the proposals and a carrier will be selected in this stage.

Final Negotiations: Your Benefits Team will confirm final offers, rates, and contractual provisions. All performance standards for implementation, claims payment and employee service are developed at this time.

Implementation: During this stage, we will create and schedule the process to roll-out the program to your employees. The roll-out of the program generally involves multiple types of communication to the employees.

On-going Services: This stage is the opportunity to review and monitor vendor accountability and for analysis of plan data. Service of the program relative to carrier and employee issues is also addressed at this time. During this stage, we also provide mid-year reviews and conduct renewal meetings. We also assess ongoing objectives, goals, trends, and claims experience when available.

Hiring the Right Advisor

We know that hiring an advisor is similar to hiring an employee. You compare resources, services, and support. Many HR professionals use the “Four C’s of Hiring” as a guide:

  • Character:  Can the advisor be trusted to always do the right thing for the client?
  • Competency: How well does the advisor understand the benefits marketplace and the available products and resources? Can they apply their knowledge to provide maximum value to the client and their employees?
  • Commitment: Is the advisor committed to a long term relationship with the client that will be built on exceeding customer expectations on a daily basis?
  • Creativity: Does the advisor provide creativity to the strategy and solutions that are developed in partnership with the client? Does the advisor always ask the question, “Is there a better way?”

Our Products and Services

  • Group and Individual Benefits
  • Estate & Business Planning Services
  • Retirement Plans and Investments
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Executive Compensation Plans
  • Third Party Administration (TPA)
  • Direct Reimbursement Benefits Plans (DRBPs)
  • HR Consulting and Support Services
  • Health, Wellness, Disease Management Programs
  • Professional Employment Organizations (PEO)
  • Web-based Enrollment
  • Benefit Administration
  • Productivity Improvement Programs
  • Communications/Enrollment Support
  • Compliance Services
  • Risk Management Services
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Telephonic Enrollment/Counseling
  • Benchmarking Studies
  • Employee Surveys