Alternative Risk Solutions


Our Alternative Risk Unit

Our Alternative Risk Unit provides:

  • Many years of experience with a “Big Four” accounting firm which enables our staff to look at options from all angles: GAAP, Tax, Cash-Flow, and Collateral Implications
  • Assistance in development of FAS 5 accruals and FAS 113 testing associated with Alternative Risk programs
  • Identification of “non-traditional” insurance mechanisms to address operational exposures
  • A staff that has developed a strategy for over 50 captive insurance companies, resulting in the achievement of cost reductions and other financial objectives
  • Professional experience in over 100 merger & acquisition transactions and identified risks that lead to purchase price adjustments, indemnities, or escrows to protect buyers

The benefits of captives include:

  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Provide greater control over claims and coverage
  • Better control risks
  • Increase asset growth and protection
  • Offer tax benefits

What is Captive Insurance?

A captive is a wholly owned subsidiary that provides insurance to the parent companies or a closely held insurance company whose insurance business is primarily supplied by and controlled by its owner(s).


Why choose Captive Solutions?

In the right situation, a captive can provide significant benefits to its parent(s)/shareholder(s)’ organization. However, because captives are complex structures, they are subject to regulation. Therefore, the review and implementation process should be managed by an experienced professional.

A business or organization should consider a captive if their risk financing needs are not being met by the commercial insurance marketplace.


Working with us

Our alternative risk management team will help you understand and determine the benefits of captive insurance solutions and other alternative risk programs available for your business. We will evaluate your risk tolerances, optimal risk retention strategies, and market risk-transfer price alternatives.

From providing feasibility analysis, tax structure review, captive insurance solutions implementation and on-going maintenance, our Alternative Risk Unit is here to help.