Risk Control

Managing Your Risk

The J. Smith Lanier & Co. Risk Control Services consultant assigned to your company is a member of the JSL Account Service team that includes your Account Executive, Account Manager, and Claims Service Advocate. Our goal is to positively impact our client’s bottom line by helping them achieve sustainable reductions in their Total Cost of Risk.

Your Risk Control consultant will focus on assisting you in your efforts to identify, prioritize, and manage your organization’s exposures to accidental loss. We recognize that each client is unique, and therefore our service plan for your company will be developed after a thorough assessment of the risks that your company faces, the management initiatives in place currently, and the priorities that we mutually establish for our efforts.

We offer a broad range of consulting services to our clients and based on your needs any of the following may be included as part of our specific service plan for your company:

  • Operational Risk and Hazard Assessments
  • Detailed analysis of historical insurance loss data
  • Detailed analysis of historical OSHA incident reporting
  • Peer Benchmarking of Loss Incident Rates
  • Safety Program Effectiveness Audits
  • Customized Safety Program Development
  • Safety Training Methods Review
  • Safety Training Sessions for Managers/Supervisors
  • OSHA and DOT Regulatory Compliance Reviews
  • Ergonomics Assessments
  • Claims Management Strategies/ Transitional Duty Return to Work Programs
  • Access to National Fire Protection Association Codes
  • Defensive Driving Training – Classroom or On Line Available
  • OSHA 10 Hour Outreach Training - General Industry and Construction

In addition, we will also direct and monitor Insurance Company Loss Control Consultants that might be assigned to your company. Some Insurance Companies will be able to provide you with specialty services, such as Industrial Hygiene service, and we will request these services on your behalf when appropriate and available.

Achieving reductions in the Cost of Risk that your company incurs is possible when risks are aggressively managed. By supporting you in your Safety and Risk Management efforts, building on your existing strengths, and by bringing some fresh perspective to your Risk Management challenges, we are confident that our relationship will be beneficial to your company by helping you achieve success in these areas.

Risk Control Process

Our initial efforts are focused on fact finding. During this phase, we typically would survey client operations, interview affected client employees, review historical insurance loss information, and audit existing risk management programs and directives to gain perspective on:

  • Activities that have been inordinate loss cost drivers
  • Common Types of Accidents and Injuries
  • Effectiveness of current Risk Control initiatives
  • Risk Control Ownership and Accountability Issues
  • Possible “cultural” barriers to improvements
  • Short and long term opportunities for Cost of Risk reductions

Feedback and Action

We will provide the client with detailed feedback on the observations made during our fact finding work and will include any recommendations that we have for adjustments to the client’s current Risk Control programs.

Our Risk Control

Consultants will work with the client’s management team to develop strategies for ultimately reducing the client’s exposure to loss and in turn their Cost of Risk. J. Smith Lanier & Co. consultants are available to be actively involved in assisting the client in the implementation of changes in risk control programs. This involvement might include:

  • Coordinating the Insurance Carriers Participation in Risk Management efforts
  • Assistance in developing formal Risk Management programs
  • Consultation on roles and responsibilities for client staff
  • Participation in training activities for client staff that will manage the Risk Control activities
  • Consultation on applicable government mandated safety and health standards


J. Smith Lanier & Co. Risk Control Consultants will work with the client’s staff to monitor and quantify progress on ongoing Risk Control initiatives. This measurement process would include:

  • Scheduled reviews of the client’s Accident and Loss Data from Insurance Carriers
  • Audits of effectiveness of program and process changes
  • Peer and industry benchmarking of client’s Risk Management results

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